I have so Many Brothers...

ImpromptusVincent 500pxI Have so Many Bothers I have Lost Count

Choreographer Vincent Dunoyer, who lives in Brussels, is returning to Geneva following his piece "Noemi Va Seule" in hommage to Noemi Lapzeson that was presented during the Festival Antigel 2019.
There's a certain flavour from Noemi's Argentina in the title of this new piece from the song Los Hermanos: "I have so many brothers , I have lost count, in the plain, on the sea, in the montains and the valleys..." The eighteen dancers from the first year of Ballet Junior will be taking us outside on a journey round the world, round a dance, a ring or an illusion. To the sound of baroque music , there's the classical pole, to minimalist music, the contemporary pole. From piano variations on a traditional song from Chile, to a cry for love caressed by electric guitars.
Ignoring all boundaries, the young performers will only have as their personal documents their unique presence and their names - Mermoz, Antonin, Karn, Alaïs etc... and if they have something to declare, it will be their desire.

S19 BJG IMPROMPTUS CommunesThis an outdoor project , bringing contemporary dance directly into the heart of a town or commune, setting up an impromptu stage area with chairs all around and performing for the locals.