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Project & choreography : Ambra Senatore
Lights : Fausto Bonvini
Sound score : Andrea Gattico and Ambra Senatore
Music : Brian Bellot, Andrea Gattico, William Shatmet, Anamor, Bedrich Smetana

One, two, several women. Same little blue fitted dresses. Are you having double, triple quintuple vision? Mirror effects, minutely-timed discrepancies in which the absurd and the burlesque intertwine. We laugh without really knowing why. We are touched by these people, simply present, who deny the possibility of a unique interpretation of events by working on doubt and the element of surprise.

Production  CCNN / Production ALDES Coproduction Fondazione Musica per Roma, Chateau Rouge- Annemasse, Espace Malraux Scène Nationale de Chambéry et de la Savoie – CARTA BIANCA programme ALCOTRA – coopération France /